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Ballantyne Area Demographics

The demographic information provided here illustrates the deep, highly educated and creative talent pool who finds Ballantyne a desirable place in which to live, work and play. As a complement to this information, we have included a comparison of the Ballantyne zip code (28277) to Amazon’ headquarters zip code in Seattle (98109). You will find much of the data compares extraordinarily well.

  • The highest concentration of college graduates within Charlotte are found within the Ballantyne zip code where just over 31,000 people have at least a bachelor’s degree

  • The Ballantyne zip code has the highest number of adults working within the Information and Science/Technology sectors

  • Over 71,000 millennials between the ages of 25-34 years old live within a 10-mile radius of Ballantyne

  • The fastest population and household growth within Charlotte today is occurring within a 10-mile ring of Ballantyne, where the local growth rate is projected to be 2.4% annually through 2020, which is 50% faster than the overall Charlotte MSA, double the state’s and more than triple the national growth rate

  • The Ballantyne area has the number one elementary, middle and high school in the county school system and over half of all the schools in the Ballantyne area are ranked in the top ten for the entire Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools system

  • Roughly 22% of Charlotte MSA households (over half a million people) currently live within 10 miles of Ballantyne

  • Regarding educational attainment:

    • Within a one-mile radius of Ballantyne, over 5,000 people have a graduate or post-graduate degree
    • Within a three-mile radius, over 35,000 people have a graduate or post-graduate degree
    • Within a five-mile radius, over 72,000 people have a graduate or post-graduate degree

View a fascinating comparison of the Ballantyne and Seattle headquarters zip codes.

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Charlotte/Seattle Demographics